Hounds of the Baskervilles

Tuesday, 12 July 2011
I went for my job interview yesterday, my first proper one in the UK. From my perspective, it went well - no curve ball questions, I didn't feel like I was under the microscope, and the ladies I was interviewing with were lovely. We actually had a few laughs. The only awkward moment was at the end when they both offered their hands to shake at practically the same time and I didn't know whose to go for first. It was laughed off though. I had to giggle at myself, for at one point the woman, who would be my direct supervisor, asked if I felt intimidated by working with foreign languages and for a split second I thought she meant British English. It was a blonde moment of mine that thankfully wasn't stated out loud. I hope I get the job, I'll be proper gutted if I don't.

Currently, I'm staying with Neil and Nicola and of course my favourite boys, Oli and Doogal. Doogal is currently snoring at my feet and Oliver off in a huff somewhere because Doogal wouldn't stop licking his ears. Bless, even dogs have disagreements with one another. These dogs never cease to put me in a good mood, you giggle just looking at them. They are after all Basset Hounds, with ears that drag on the floor and more wrinkles than the Queen Elizabeth II. (No disrespect intended to my dear Queenie.) And when they bark they sound like a couple of seals. Which would explain the odd dream I had last night about working at the 'seal reserve' with seal pups. Although perhaps not the dream I had about helping Angela Lansbury in a Murder, She Wrote mystery. Enough of trying to interpret my dreams, I'm off to the supermaket to pick up something for tea tonight. I'm cooking!

Erin x
and Doogal *lick lick*


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