The Apprentice (T.G.I.W.)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011
Rebecca Black and Katy Perry need to forget about Friday, it's all about T.G.I.W. (Thank God It's Wednesday)! One step closer to the weekend, but more importantly The Apprentice is on telly tonight. I can already hear the theme tune, albeit in my head. I remember watching series one of the original US Apprentice, with Donald Trump with my mom. Let me assure you all, the UK version is 10x better! Largely in part that I don't have to see Trump's horrible ginger comb over in every boardroom.

I think I may actually cry when this series is over and I have to wait another year to watch it. And with only six candidates left now the end is near! Most of my least favourites have gone now, except Natasha (who fingers crossed will exit this week). Here is a quick look at the six candidates left:

"Global Business" Melody
It actually wouldn't surprise me if Melody killed for this opportunity. She's like a tiger, going after what she wants, perhaps a little too aggressively. And of course she's always talking about how she runs a global business.

"That's Not Fair" Suzy
In the first few weeks I felt bad for Susan, she never seemed to be allowed to get her ideas across. Now, she just irritates me. Any statement anyone makes against her, including Lord Sugar, is deemed as "unfair" in her eyes.

"Golden Girl" Helen
If The Apprentice was a horse race, as demonstrated on The Apprentice: You're Fired. Then Helen would be the horse to bet on. She hasn't lost a task yet and is rather laid back compared to most of the other candidates. But could her winning streak make her careless? At this point I think she's too far in the lead to not see the final, if not win the whole thing.

"Bad Attitude" Natasha
She's made some poor decisions in the past weeks and her survival at this point is based on pure luck rather than actual merit. I don't think Lord Sugar rates her, and if she's brought to the board room I think she'll be gone.

"Jedi" Jim
Or as Alan Sugar would call him "The Incredible Bull-Shitting Man". At first I thought he was brilliant, the way he was able to get customers, clients, and even colleagues to seemingly bend to his will. But his jedi mind tricks are getting a bit tiresome and he can be a bit manipulative.

"Absent Minded Inventor" Tom
Ah, poor Tom. He really is a sweet guy but definitely a bit absent minded. Last week he held the board room door open for the ladies, which I thought was very cute. Only problem, he's more a goldfish than shark. That being said I hope he makes it to the finale.

Only 3 more hours to wait!

Erin x


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