I am an American expat originally from fabulous Las Vegas. In 2009, I studied abroad in Pau, France where I met my future husband, Luke. As my host mother often teases, meeting Luke certainly didn't improve my French. After graduating from university in the United States, I moved to England and launched Quintessentially English.

Quintessentially English is an expat lifestyle and travel blog, started as a way to share the experiences of life as an American expat in England.

From driving on the left to solving everything with a cup of tea, there are a lot of things a girl from Las Vegas needs to learn about the habits and customs of the English. Join me as I discover all about living life on the other side of the pond. 


Living in England


“I really enjoyed reading through your content and learning a little more about life in England! [...] We're confident our users will enjoy reading your content as much as we have.” - Go! Overseas

"Erin writes with passion and expertise. Her expat blog is one of the first places I check in on to give me my England fix. It is informative and written from the heart - and her journey from the US to the UK is both unique and undoubtedly of interest to other expats and travellers alike."   - Russell Ward of In Search of a Life Less Ordinary

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