Surviving a Hen Weekend

Friday, 28 September 2012
Last weekend I went on my very first hen do or bacherlorette party as they're called in America. I wasn't really sure what to expect other than a lot of drink and silly things like 'willy straws' or in our case 'willy soap'.  I can't share all the silly adventures of the weekend because it would take too long and frankly would be against hen do code. However, I can share what I learned and hope that future hen doers can have just as successful a weekend!

  1. Do some exercise before the booze binge. We spent our day swimming and playing in the 'Raging Rapids' at Centre Parcs. Fitting in a nap before you go out is also ideal. 
  2. Be sure to have a big meal protein packed and full of complex carbohydrates before going out! We went to a lovely Thai restaurant in Newmarket, called Sangdao, and filled up on steamed vegetables, pad thai, and curry!
  3. Don't mix your drinks! Try to stick to drinks like wine, vodka, and of course a hen do must - champagne. Don't be tempted to start doing shots of random things from the bar.
  4. Drink a glass of water for every one of alcohol consumed. I say I'm going to do this every time I go out and I almost always forget, but when I actually do make the effort to drink water I feel 10x better!
  5. For the inevitable hangover, a full English breakfast is a must! You have no idea how much better you'll feel after some sausage, bacon, tomato, eggs, mushrooms and beans.

Besides these 5 tips, you should also carry in your handbag the 'Hen Do Survival Kit' - 

    Tip: Hen Do Survival Kits are great gift to give all the Hens!

    Erin x


      1. Expat mum said...:

        Would be interesting to see how you think they compare to American bachelorette parties. I always found the US version to be more formal and organized, rather than just going out on the piss.

      1. Erin Moran said...:

        Yeah, hopefully I'll be able to compare them one day. I didn't have a bachelorette party, I find they're not as common in America.

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