March Madness

Wednesday, 4 April 2012
March has been an absolutely mad month for Luke and I, we always knew it would be busy but I don't think either of us were expecting how busy it truly would end up being. First off, Luke spent the first two weeks of March in Germany for work. (Hence my unusual commute as discussed in my previous post.) He's currently in the middle of a massive transition to the way his work manages business operations. Work has also been incredibly busy for me, I spent March arranging product launches all across Europe. Which included putting together running orders, creating presentations, and shipping off materials. I'll spare you the details, let's just say after a month of launches I'm really looking forward to the bank holiday weekend (we get Good Friday and Easter Monday off in England).

Packing up one of our exhibition stands.
March 17th is of course St. Patrick's Day, and I had a very enjoyable one this year. Luke was playing rugby so I walked down to meet him at the club and watch him play or at least that was the plan. While making my way down to the club, I believed I had discovered a short cut but instead I ended up a bit lost. First I ended up in a pretty neighbourhood, then a park, before making my way to what I thought was the rugby club only to discover it was a secondary school. By the time I finally made it to the correct rugby club the game was over and Luke was waiting bemused for me in the bar. All was not lost as we had prime seats to watch the final of the 6 Nations, England v. Ireland, with some of his teammates. I was told the drinking of Guinness was unpatriotic during the match by some of the lads, but no one shall deny me Guinness of St. Paddy's day! The 'luck of the Irish' wasn't with Ireland, a bit ironic given the date, and England won the match. I felt a bit sorry for the Irish really, but it was a quality match.

Guinness on St. Patrick's Day is a must!

This is going to sound a bit peculiar to my American readers, but March 18th is Mother's Day here in England. This is my second Mother's Day here and I still find the early date odd, as we don't celebrate it in America until May. So of course we went to Southam to celebrate it with Luke's mum. We had a lovely meal, a bit of a Greek buffet with everything homemade by Lindsay (before you scoff at the mother cooking, it had been done the day before and just thrown in the oven). It was a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Now I have received a lot of queries over the past months over the state of our new flat. Well, the battle is still raging on with the estate agents but FINALLY we have new carpets in the hall and lounge, which happened only last Tuesday. We're still waiting for the walls to be repainted, but as the landlady is abroad for three weeks we've been told there is nothing they can do. I know, it was idiotic for them to put the carpets in before they painted, but if they mess up the new carpets that's their issue as they'll have to do them again. We've given up living in a limbo at the house and have started to fully unpack to make it our home. To celebrate this I finally ordered my black, white, and red Moulin Rouge prints for my bedroom! I've been wanted a Moulin Rouge themed room since I can remember and have found some fantastic prints by RenĂ© Gruau! 



Besides the obvious hiccups, the flat is coming along rather nicely. We've got a lot of work to do on it this weekend as the following weekend we're getting a special visitor - my mum! I'm so excited to see her, and of course for her to see our new abode! I just hope the brilliant weather we experienced at the end of March will return for her, as this chilly start to April is not appreciated. But that's quintessentially English weather for you, always unpredictable!

Erin x


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Mother's Day is not always on 18th March in England. Instead, it is celebrated to coincide with Mothering Sunday, the Christian festival held on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Since Lent is dependent on Easter, and Easter is a movable feast, Mother's Day in England moves around the early part of the annual calendar.

    Ever yours, and thank you for a most enjoyable blog,


  1. Erin Moran said...:

    Thanks for your comment Howard! I always like finding out more about England!

    Erin x

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