The Eagle has FINALLY Landed!

Monday, 16 April 2012
Remember: The Easter holidays in England are the week after Easter, not the week before like in America.

This was the crucial mistake we made when my mom scheduled her trip to come and visit. She set off at 7:00am from Las Vegas and arrived in London nearly 48 hours later because of it. The flights this weekend had been oversold, which isn't an uncommon practice made by the airlines but was to our detriment. JFK was packed with holidaying Brits trying to return home in time to get their kids to school this morning. As my mother stated, "The English usually seem so cordial but not when their flights cancelled."

I would say that's mainly true, the English are usually coridal and are not ones to complain. Whenever I've seen food come to the table that is incorrect, instead of sending it back like most Americans would, the English eat it anyway and blame themselves for the mistake instead of the kitchen. But in my time in England there are two things I've learned, that should never be messed with;
  1. An English person's schedule/routine
  2. An English person's holiday
The airlines did both, and the poor ticket agents really didn't have a chance of not receiving the wrath of an English person with the end-of-holiday blues. Yes, when beginning the journey home the English will usually complain and phrases like "it went too quickly", "I could stay here forever",  and "back to rainy England" are uttered. But secretly they all can't wait to return to proper cups of tea and English telly. My mother was just unfortunately caught in the crossfire. So instead of spending her evening sipping champagne in first class, she spent it in an airport hotel eating dry cereal she stole out of the continental breakfast cupboard.

Her trip did improve, but not by much, she did get on a flight out of New York but instead of first, she was sat in the very back of the plane in a seat that reclined only a centimetre back. But she has arrived to us safe and sound, unfortunately her baggage decided to remain behind in the Big Apple. Rest assured her holiday has improved since arriving at Heathrow, although we did make her walk through a hail storm to see some lambs. In our defense, it wasn't hailing when we started out and the lambs were adorable.

Erin x


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