Shocking State-istic

Monday, 8 August 2011
Just a quick one today. I was reading The Sunday Times' Style magazine yesterday and came across a shocking statistic that I thought I would share with you fine people.
"The average [British] tourist packs on 8lb during a typical two-week trip to America..."
I always knew our portions in America were large, but 8 lbs in two-weeks?! That's absurd, and yet sadly not unsurprising. I remember on Luke's first visit we went for breakfast at The Original Pancake House . All he wanted was some bacon and a pancake with maple syrup, but his eyes practically popped out of his head when they brought him a stack of pancakes the size of Mount Everest and a whole plate of bacon. The answer seems so simple, just don't eat everything on your plate but the primal instinct in everyone seems to be that you simply must finish. This is why I don't agree with parents who force their children to finish every morsel of food, especially when the portions are so unhealthily large. America really needs to change it's eating habits, and fast, or it really will turn into a country full of those massive McDonalds-munching stereotypes.

Erin x

Don't let this happen to us!


  1. AmySchiele said...:

    Oh yes, my boyfriend definitely packed on some pounds when he came to Chicago last summer. Lucky for me I go the other direction so I lose weight in England. :)

  1. Erin said...:

    Oh you are lucky! I gain weight in England, don't you find the food a bit heavy? Good though! :)

    Erin x

  1. Expat mum said...:

    The one thing I always tell my British guests to do is order appetizers if they think the portions are too big. Or split something. It's not that common in the UK to do that, although I did it quite often this summer - to everyone's surprise.
    But yes, the size of portions here is appalling and the waste is even worse.

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