The End of the Job Search

Sunday, 21 August 2011
After months of applications and interviews, the job search has finally come to an end for me. That's right I finally have my first proper job in Milton Keynes, as a PA to Senior Management at a major international company, which shall remain nameless. It's not the most glamorous of jobs, but it's a great learning experience in multiple areas of the company. At the moment, I'm living with Neil and Nic during the week, while Luke continues to look for work down this way. Of course we miss each other during the week, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do, and in the end it's best for us as a couple. We just remind ourselves that we've spent far more time apart in the past and that this situation is only temporary.

I started two weeks ago, and so far am enjoying the role, but am completely shattered at night. I hope this will pass, or at least I won't feel like a total zombie when I return home from work and am able to manage something more than grabbing tea and going to sleep with Oli and Doogal for company. My role comprises the basic duties of any PA, things like the mail and arranging diaries. But besides the basics, I've taken on a couple of projects that have been neglected over the years and help out different members of the senior management team when they need. My favourite thing to get started with is the company newsletter. Not only will I be writing the articles for it, but I'll also be designing the entire newsletter myself, which will be distributed to roughly 2,000 employees on our site!

My Employee ID card and First Pay Slip!

Everyone has been really welcoming at work, and we all have a bit of a laugh. It is great to work somewhere with people who are serious when they need to be, but not all the time. Of course a lot of the jokes have been centred around me being an American, more specifically from Las Vegas. Someone said to me "I didn't realise that people lived in Las Vegas," to which my reply was "Oh no, those little twinkling lights you see surrounding the Strip are just there for decoration." One of my bosses has said within a year my 'broad' Vegas accent (never heard that one before) will be no more, and they'll have me speaking like a proper English rose. I suppose only time will tell.

Erin x and
Oliver *lick lick*

Oli, keeping me company while I write.


  1. Amy said...:

    Congrats on the job! :)

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