Time Is Running Out

Sunday, 23 May 2010
As Luke pointed out in today's Skype session, this coming Wednesday (May 26th) means two weeks until I'm on my way across the pond. This realization was met with heavy breathing and a little bit of panic. I have a lot to get done in the next two weeks, especially considering this coming weekend I'm going to be down in the Deep South for the wedding of a family friend. Time is running out!!!

In my few weeks since school let out I've gotten a lot accomplished, and yet I still feel so behind. I've been to the dentist and eye doctor. Where I got my teeth cleaned and was told by the doctor my eyes are "immaculate ". I am having trouble setting up an appointment with the general practitioner. Instead I talk to this receptionist who is going on a power trip and tells me she'll get back to me later. I've acquired photocopies of a good portion of my medical records and spoken to my bank about closing my accounts. Not to mention a trip to the post office to send three boxes of books off to Southam, which cost nearly $200. I used the flat rate boxes and figured they'd be around $20 a piece, boy was I mistaken. No more using the post to send boxes for me. Instead I think I'll add an extra bag to my flight itinerary.

I've gone though all my old CDs and imported them into my iTunes. After which I threw away all the mixed CDs and gave the rest away. All of my winter clothes have been Space Bag'd and are ready to be put in a suitcase - with the exception of a few wooly hats and my ski gear, which I have not yet been able to find. I've gone through boxes of old toys and photos. Given a lot of stuff to charity and trying to sell what I can on eBay.

Every day I've been working but everyday it seems I think of one more thing I should get done. Moving is no fun! But the end result will be fun, so I must keep focused on that.

Erin x


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