"Beer Can" in an English Accent

Tuesday, 15 May 2012
They say that if you say "beer can" in an English accent, that it will sound like you're saying "bacon" in a Jamaican accent. Not possessing an English accent myself, I enlisted Luke to help with this experiment and he was willing to be filmed saying this so that you could be the judge. Enjoy!

Q: So what do you think? Does "beer can" sound like "bacon"?

Erin x


  1. Russell Ward said...:

    That is too funny. I have never heard that before and Luke absolutely sounds like he is saying "bacon" in a Jamaican accent. You now have me practicing in front of my Australian wife. She thinks I sound Jamaican. Great ;-)

  1. Erin said...:

    I had never heard of it before until one of my American friends asked me if it was true. I did a test around my office and almost all of you Brits do in fact sound like you're saying Jamaican 'bacon' Jah mon!

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