The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Part 2)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012
December 1st is the official start to my work’s Annual Christmas Decoration Competition, and my team was eager to win this year. We spent our lunch breaks going on ‘decoration patrol’ at various shops and were able to come up with the most randomly decorated office I have ever seen. We have an Elf Workshop with a ‘Elf and Safety Notice Board’; a snow scene complete with knitted penguins on a Cool Runnings bobsled; a fireplace made out of cardboard with ‘Elf of the Month’ and just in case you were wondering December’s winner is Buddy (Elf) but previous winners include Hermey (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer), Snap, Crackle, & Pop (Rice Krispies) and Legolas (Lord of the Rings). I was in the Caribbean when the actual judging took place, we were the runner’s up this year, but we still got a massive Christmas hamper full of goodies. And there is always next year!

The office all decorated for Christmas!

Luke’s birthday is December 17th and this year we celebrated a little differently than usual. We met Lindsay, Ian, and Bob (Luke's mum, step-dad, and grandad) for a fantastic pub lunch at the Old Talbot near Towcester. Luke and I had been before, and one of the things I love about the Old Talbot is it takes traditional pub food and turns it on it's head. For example, last time we went one of the dishes was Rack of Lamb paired with Ahi Tuna which might make a lot of people puzzled but went together beautifully. Or so I'm told as I don't eat lamb. We had a great time, mostly talking about our cruise and eating some delicious grub (I had Mushroom Wellington, which was absolutely scrumptious). After lunch we took them to Stony Stratford to show them around and grab some mulled wine at The Crown (another pub, are you sensing a theme?). 

After a full afternoon of fun, we had to dash home to get ready for my work's Christmas Party. That's right Luke was absolutely lovely enough to give up his birthday evening for the Christmas party. I'd originally decided we wouldn't be going but  after Luke and I talked about it, we realised it would be a great way to meet some new people and hopefully a fun night out! Which I am happy to report it was! It took place at a hotel in the centre of Milton Keynes, starting with pre-dinner drinks, dinner, and then dancing! 

It was lovely to see people from work in a social setting, and it being my first ever work party I was really pleased with the result. Everyone let their hair down, pulling Christmas crackers which of course meant wearing the silly hats that go with them. Probably the best ice breaker was on every table you could find a number of these long balloons that you could shoot off into the air (or at unsuspecting tables next to you). Describing it now makes it sound silly, and it was I'll be honest but it was still good fun and certainly brought out the inner child in us all.

Getting ready to fire a balloon rocket at a victim.
After dinner I spent the majority of the evening dancing like no one was watching, and by that I mean dancing ludicrously to every song. But apparently people were watching, at least the table with my MD and CFO on it. Who called me the 'dancing queen' at work the next week, I was mortified at first until I was told that it is so lovely to see people just get up and have a good time. All in all a great night, and I hope to attend next year's party (as long as it doesn't fall on Luke's birthday again).

Erin x


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