As Time Goes By (Happy Thanksgiving!)

Monday, 21 November 2011
Where does the time go? One minute it is my birthday and the next thing you know... Thanksgiving! Since I last wrote a lot has happened for which I'm very thankful for. Which is why I'm using this blog post as a recap of these past two months (has it really been that long?!) and a Thanksgiving post.

I am thankful for a loving husband who likes to treat me. 

This year Luke and I had planned to go to Oxford to celebrate my birthday with a day out, however when I woke up on my birthday I was feeling incredibly lazy and decided I would rather spend most of the day lounging around the house, before popping into MK (that's Milton Keynes to most of you) for sushi. 

Luke gave me a wonderful present! He booked me into a spa day at Whittlebury Hall. It was pure relaxation from morning till night. 

I am thankful to be living in Milton Keynes, and to have such a supportive family.

Well, it's official - Luke and I have moved out of Worcester!!! We now live in Milton Keynes and couldn't be happier. When we packed everything into the moving van, it felt like a giant weight had been lifted.We are going to live with Neil and Nic (and the doggies Ollie & Doogal) until after the holidays. We saw no point in moving out before then, as we will be gone most of December. 

I am thankful for our new careers.

Not only are Luke and I in a new city, but we also BOTH have new jobs. Luke is in Customer Services for Europe for a big American company. As part of his role he will be learning German as well as continuing to use his French.I'm so proud of my little language buff, most especially because he is out of that other job.

I also have started a new adventure with a new company. I am now an Events & Digital Marketing Administrator for a Japanese/American company specialising in health and wellness. It is the perfect fit for me, combining everything I love: copy writing, social media, event planning/hosting, all with the aim at being a healthier/happier person. 

The team I work with is really lovely, we go for walks during our lunches around the lake and every Wednesday the company hosts a yoga class during lunch. I think I have found job nirvana.

I am thankful for the start of the Christmas season.

This weekend: The Christmas Lights Turn On is happening in Stony Stratford. We have never been before, but it is supposed to be pretty magical. It starts with a Chinese Lantern parade around the town (all the little shops build their own) and then of course concludes with the lighting of the lights and tree! 

This Sunday we will be our unofficial Thanksgiving, as the English government is not kind enough to acknowledge American holidays. (Don't worry I've written to the Queen). I have decided to give cooking a proper Thanksgiving dinner a try this year. I have helped my Grandma and Mom before, but never have I done the whole thing by myself with no expert supervision. Fingers crossed I don't burn the Turkey. 

Next weekend: Oh you know, just getting on a plane and flying to Florida to board a week's cruise of the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, St. John, Princess Cayes), no big deal. Just kidding, I am so excited it is unreal. Not only will I be holidaying in a wonderful location but I will be celebrating Christmas with my mom, Dan, and siblings in the Caribbean! Prepare yourselves for the combination of Santa hats and swimsuits!

And then, just a few more weeks until actual Christmas! I love the Christmas season and all the sounds, smells, and sights it brings. The neighbours have already started putting up their Christmas lights (sometimes known as fairy lights) which look absolutely wonderful. I've already started listening to Christmas music (the new Michael Bublé album is a must) and as I've been writing this I've also been watching Miracle on 34th Street (the original).

I am so excited for this festive period, I truly do feel like a kid at Christmas. I know for a lot of you Americans, Christmas does not truly start until after Thanksgiving, so I would like to end this post with one last message of thanks:

I'm thankful for my loyal followers and readers, I know I haven't been the most loyal of bloggers but I truly do appreciate all your feedback and support. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie
cc by St0rmz

Erin x

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